Stone Repairs

Rockstar offers a complete Repair service.

We fix chips and scratches in natural stone, terrazzo and engineered stone.


Rockstar Benchtop Restoration includes

  • Resurface Bench Tops
  • Remove Etch Marks
  • Repair Edges and cutouts
  • Repair Chips
  • Re-Polish bench tops

Rockstar Repairs covers the following

  • Cracks and chips
  • Marble Repairs
  • Travertine Repairs
  • Limestone Repairs
  • Terrazzo Repairs
  • Granite Repairs
  • Bluestone Repairs
  • Grout problems
  • Worn Stone
  • Damaged Stone

Take photos of your damaged stone and email too: [email protected] for an evaluation and quote

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Stone Enhancing Products
  • Colour match resins
  • Scratchs removed using various resin diamond pads


A small sample of our work