Stone Enhancing

Rockstar Stone Enhancer enriches the colour of worn, faded or damaged stone. This unique product penetrates while avoiding leaving surface residue.

Stone Polishing

Rockstar offers a complete service in all facets of rejuvenation, restoration, polishing and grinding of concrete, terrazzo and natural stone.

Stone Restoration

Rockstar Sealing Systems specialises in stone restoration and stone rejuvenation. We provide all the specialised materials used to polish stone.

Epoxy Coating

Rockstar recommends the use of our world-class water based epoxy coating in areas such as factory floors, garage floors and all other concrete flooring.

Anti Graffiti

Rockstar Anti-Graffiti is an easy to apply penetrating sealer that provides superior protection against graffiti and won’t change the surface appearance.


Rockstar Anti-Slip is a permanent Anti-Slip treatment for surfaces such as pool surrounds, patios or entrances to office buildings and shopping centres.

Equipment Rental

Rockstar Sealing rents a wide range of professional equipment to enable you to professionally grind, clean, sealing, restore and polish stone.